Governor Maurice Franklin hurls the presidential campaign into a frenzy when he inviteshis opponent, Senator Kathleen Dorsey, to serve as his running mate. Franklin cites the constitutional design of America’s founding fathers, who originally arranged for the second-place finisher in the presidential election to serve as the vice president.  Senator Dorsey—and many in Franklin’s own party—quickly dismiss Franklin’s offer. But a shocking turn of events prompts her to reconsider, sparking an unprecedented national dialogue and a campaign unlike anything America has seen. Frustrated by the ever-present dysfunctions of partisan government, the nation is initially drawn to Franklin’s idealistic proposal, but excitement gives way to concern as the candidates begin coloring outside the lines of conventional politics. While Dorsey and Franklin begin to grasp the incredible potential of the founding fathers’ vision for bipartisanship within the executive branch, they face intense pressure to adopt a more traditional campaign. The candidates must choose between the inefficient security of partisan politics and the audacious scenario prescribed in the Constitution itself. With America hanging in the balance, the candidates fight both for their political lives and for the revolutionary words penned in Philadelphia more than two centuries earlier.

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