As a person who has spent so many years in elective office, I am amazed at the grasp Matt Anderson has of presidential campaigns and the partisan inability of elected politicians, on opposing sides, to come to a workable agreement for the betterment of the country. It is bothering many citizens today. Hardened positions taken… by office holders in order to win their elections, make it difficult to work with others who have dramatically different political, economic and belief system convictions. In a moving drama, Matt raises a unique, even astounding, solution which has been forgotten since the origin of our democratic republic.

Governor Al Quie (R); Former State Senator, Congressman and Governor of Minnesota.

Running Mate shows how elections can unite rather than divide us. This quick and exciting read combines the suspense of a presidential campaign with timely wisdom from our Founding Fathers. An interesting and insightful book for students of government, political junkies, and everyday citizens.

Representative Paul Marquart (D); Social science teacher at Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton (MN) High School

A thoughtful and provocative read, Running Mate draws the reader into the arcane world of the vice-presidency and the factors associated with selecting a running mate. I found the analysis of the historical and constitutional forces that shape our modern political context to be both solid and stimulating.

Professor David Schultz, J.D., Ph.D, Professor at Hamline University School of Business, Editor of the Journal of Public Affairs Education

Mr. Anderson’s story, about the prospect of two candidates from differing parties working together to solve the nation’s biggest problems, at a time of volatile political polarization, is well on its way to being one of the all-time political fiction classics. As a millennial who is intimately involved in the political process, to see someone put my generation’s hopes and desires of a more civil political body who looks for dialogue and solutions versus demagoguery and sound-bites into a book is refreshing.  The story appeals to our (and my) greatest desire to see a nation come together to protect our future. Mr. Anderson captures that in “Running Mate,” pitting two equally capable and intelligent, yet politically divergent, politicians against one another, and weaving through a story of policy discussions, tragedy, excitement, and history, unite them in a common goal to serve one’s country before one’s party or ambitions.  Mr. Anderson’s book will appeal to anyone of any political stripe, foremost as a thrilling narrative and secondly as an overall message to our politicians to shape up and get to work, together. His research into history and policy will captivate anyone with any desire to learn a little more, and at only 230 pages, a quick read for those who would be easily lost in the minutiae of policy and political strategy.

Justin Silver, Independent political consultant, Spring, TX

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